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"Turn On Your First Or Next YouTube Advertisement"
Want us to walk you through our step-by-step process in creating profitable YouTube ads from start to finish for ONLY $1?

Live Virtual YouTube Advertising Workshop:

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Thursday, September 9th
11am - 3pm PST

2021 Google Ads & YouTube Training


Limited seats so we can provide live chat support to all throughout the workshop


+ The BGIM Marketing Team
Stop being vulnerable by relying on 1 traffic source and start utlizing the 2nd most visted website in the world.
  • CREATING A POPULAR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - People care about your channel. Learn how you should be setting up your account, the content you should be creating, and the way you should be positioning it to get a lot of FREE views every time you upload a new video.
  • SETTING UP A GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNT The proper way to set up the advertising account for your business.
  • VIDEO CREATION - The strategy and psychology behind creating a YouTube ad versus a Facebook ad is completely different. Learn how to structure a video that creates an insane amount of desire for your product or service. We even give you our exact video formula we use over and over again… because it works!
  • STEP-BY-STEP YOUTUBE AD CREATION - Learn how to set up your campaigns “GENEIUS way”. From start to finish, we’ll show you what you need to do (and what you need to click) to create and launch an ad designed to get you the cheapest views, clicks, leads, and SALES as possible!
  • TARGETING - The tools and techniques you need in order to put your ads in front of anyone in the world,specifically the ones who’ll be interested in buying from you.
  • OPTIMIZATION - How to fix YouTube ads when they stop working. We’ll show you exactly what to look for and what changes to make to turn a crappy ad into a happy ad.
  • CHECKLISTS & WORKSHEETS - Downloadable resources to help you stay on track while setting up your account, figuring out what to say in your videos, or finding your ideal customer. These resources, that can be used over and over again, will guide you to actually getting your campaign up and running without missing a step or wasting any time.
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